Dear Friends,

The Mui Ne Dunes Marathon 2020 will be the first national running event to be held in Binh Thuan province.

With over 500 participants estimate in the first year only, we are confident that the Mui Ne Dunes Marathon will grow as an annual running event.

The event aims to attract a wide range of participants and to contribute to the development of the sport movement and healthy lifestyle, increase awareness of environmental protection, as well as to promote the natural attractions of the beautiful Mui Ne coastline.

In addition, the Mui Ne Dunes Marathon will create substantial economic benefits to the surrounding communities as Mui Ne village and Phan Thiet. As per our estimate each registered marathon participant accounts for ~ 3.5 visitors to the area. Many of these people make a vacation of the trip and spend a number of days in the area.

Mui Ne Dunes Marathon is organized by Victoria Phan Thiet resort, a member of Thien Minh Group, in close cooperation with Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism of Binh Thuan province.

Moreover Mui Ne Dunes Marathon is fully supported by Vietnam Tourism Advisory Board,, iVIVU, Thien Minh Group.

We kindly invite you to contribute to the event organization and we aim to build a promotional partnership that is mutually beneficial to both event and sponsor. We do believe the Mui Ne Dunes Marathon offers a unique opportunity for you as a partner. The broad exposure to an educated, affluent and loyal target market coupled with the significant economic benefit the marathon brings to the province gives positive and substantial brand recognition to a wide and appreciative audience.